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Summer means being outdoors, sleepovers, and camping trips with friends and family! The days are longer and nights are warmer so it’s no wonder that my ohana loves to go camping as much as possible. It’s a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and appreciate our time together, sharing stories, memories and laughter. And there is always ono food! 

When preparing for summer campouts and sleepovers it seems like I always forget something so I started writing lists to prepare and pack all of the camping essentials, making sure to not forget the simple comforts of home - like a pillow! I’ve learned from my friends that if you have children, it gets that much harder and becomes even more necessary to prepare and pack appropriately not just for themselves but for the whole family. Here are some quick tips that can make your time outdoors the best possible for everyone, especially keiki (kids).

  1. Always prepare with a campout checklist! Preparation is Key!
  2. Create a play area out of the sun
  3. Make it an adventure & explore
  4. Finger Food: Made for Keiki; Loved by All


Always prepare with a campout checklist! Preparation is Key!

This KING’S HAWAIIAN Summer Campout Checklist really came in handy when packing for my annual summer campout with my friends and their keiki, that way I didn’t leave anything behind.

Summer Campout Checklist

Download the KING'S HAWAIIAN Summer Campout Checklist here.

During our trip there were so many enjoyable moments and highlights. We had a chance to go canoeing, hiking and of course eat delicious camping treats like grilled sausages, hamburgers, campfire mac & cheese and s’mores!

Create a play area out of the sun

We came prepared with picnic blankets so the keiki could play and crawl, we also put up a day tent which created a lot of shade. Keeping the children to this one area made it a lot easier for the adults to supervise them during playtime.  

Shaded Area

Make it an adventure & explore

In the afternoon we adventured out on a hike and used the little lake near the campsite for some canoeing. The kids had a chance to explore and enjoy nature.

Finger Food: Made for Keiki; Loved by All

No camping trip is complete without a bonfire and a grill, so we had a smorgasbord of delicious options like grilled sausages, mini sliders, campfire mac & cheese and of course KING’S HAWAIIAN bread. We ate homemade sausages with the KING’S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Hot Dog Buns , and let me tell you – the combo of savory and sweet was pretty much heaven! There is nothing better than a grilled sausage on a grilled hot dog bun. For those that didn’t like sausage we had mini-cheeseburger sliders made with grass-fed beef  on KING’S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls. Not only were they the perfect finger food size for keiki but they didn’t fill you up too fast! 

By the end of the meal everyone was happy and that made for an enjoyable evening around the campfire. It just goes to show that when you prepare ahead of time it can really make a huge difference!

What’s your favorite part about camping in the summertime with ohana? Do you have any tips to share? Leave a comment below!