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Summer, sand and bread in hand. Where have you shared your KING'S HAWAIIAN bread this summer? We asked fans to share their summer fun with us. Check out all of the places KING'S HAWAIIAN was shared or enjoyed!

"Just yesterday at Huntington Beach State Beach with Carolina BBQ. DELICIOUS!!!" - B. McCaa

"Awesome bread...Share with everybody...(( : Shakka bra" - B. Beasley

"We shared it with my daughter's 4H pig. Fender, the pig, LOVED King's Hawaiian Bread!!! It was her favorite! She had good taste!!!" - K. Heck

"Under the rainbow" - B. Palme

"Enjoying Sunday dinners with friends." - Fan, @atlasiv

"Today is last day of summer school so of course we had to take Turkey Hawaiian Roll sandwiches."  - Fan, M. Holmes all the way from Japan.

"Sharing snazzy #kingshawaiian sunglasses." - Fan, @blumie625

"Shared with us on Facebook!" - Fan, K. Strange

"Enjoying KING'S HAWAIIAN on a relaxing Sunday!" - Fan, @westkyle

"Dinner with KING'S HAWAIIAN" - Fan @seanmichaelsmith

Lastly, this picture from fan L. Miller is a must share. Shared with us on Facebook before the 4th of July weekend. There is no better way to celebrate than with a festive pic from a great fan!

Mahalo to all of our fans who share with us daily. We want to continue to hear your stories and see your photos so share with us on Facebook or Twitter. Let us know  - where did you share your KING'S HAWAIIAN bread this summer!?