When I was a kid we used to go to this buffet restaurant where they served flavored butters. I looked forward to that selection of butters all week long!

Reading Can Be Ono (Delicious)! Food and family is a big part of Hawaiian culture. Hawaiian ohana (family) gather together and use meals as a form of celebration throughout life, from birthdays to funerals and every occasion in between.

It’s finally autumn and that means a lot of time indoors with the family. Whole those cozy days also bring plenty of food to be enjoyed. One of the best ways to use up all that cozy home cooking is to create additional meals.

It only takes one visit to Hawaii to fall madly in love with the islands. Sadly, vacations come to an end and soon you’re back on land wishing you could extend the aloha spirit into your own home.

Life is busy, it never seems to slow down. I always think it will, but with kids, school, sports, work and everything else, it just keeps going. It is important to still take the time and sit down together at meal time.

Even if you live in warm climates like Hawaii or California, you know it’s Fall when the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon fills the air.

Are you ready for some football? If the answer is YES, then I have a recipe you’re going to love—tender pulled beef sandwiches with slaw on KING’S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Sandwich Buns.
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