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KING'S HAWAIIAN® Men's Aloha Shirt Island Feast

<div class="description">Aloha shirt savvy to impress your friends! Casual Fridays, KING'S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Bread, and Aloha shirts -- what do these three things have in common? Let us share our story with you:<br /><br />In about 1932, Ellery Chun and his father operated a dry goods shop in Honolulu. Ellery noticed that the local boys were having what he called "casual tail-out" shirts made at a nearby tailor shop, so he came up with an idea. He decided to pre-make and sell similar shirts. He also had the idea of using the most brilliant and colorful materials available. So, he used material intended to make Japanese kimonos. He put them in the store window and called them "Hawaiian Shirts." They sold remarkably well! As they became popular across all of the islands and with tourists, they became known as Aloha shirts and, in 1936, the Chun family was granted a trademark for the term "Aloha Shirts." Ellery and his father's store was located on King Street in Honolulu, just a few blocks from the spot where Robert Taira would move his bakery about 30 years later. "Robert's Bakery" was moved from Hilo to Honolulu and soon was renamed "King's Bakery". He named the Hawaiian Sweet Bread after the street on which his new bakery was located. But what about casual Fridays? In 1966, "Aloha Fridays" became popular in Hawaii as a day where office workers could leave their more formal business attire at home and wear their beloved Aloha shirts to work instead. Within a few years, Aloha Fridays had moved to California as "Casual Fridays" and from there, Aloha Fridays went global. Today, Aloha shirts are considered formal business attire throughout the state of Hawaii, having almost completely replaced suits and ties. So the next time you enjoy your casual Friday, you'll also know it's sent to you with much Aloha from King Street! <br /><br />With such a rich heritage, we were very picky in selecting our Aloha shirt provider. But really, the choice was easy. Tori Richard is just like King's Hawaiian. They're a Hawaii-based family business passionate about the artwork that inspires them and the top-quality textiles they choose for their shirts. Highly regarded by both locals and tourists, a Tori Richard shirt is like no other; a delight to the eye, a pleasure to the skin, and true to the spirit of Aloha. We've selected both traditional designs and some more contemporary pieces, and we've monogrammed each of these shirts with the King's Hawaiian logo on the left sleeve. <br /><br /> <ul> <li>100% viscose</li> <li>Color: 409 Blue</li> <li>Full button front shirt with buttoned pocket</li> <li>Care instructions: For best results, dry clean. Can be hand or machine washed, delicate cycle, cold water, no bleach. Line dry. Cool iron.</li> <li>Made in USA from imported fabric</li> <li>KING'S HAWAIIAN logo embroidered on left sleeve</li> </ul> </div> <div class="ingredients"></div>
Stylish and sure-to-impress King's Hawaiian Men's Aloha Shirt Island Feast



KING'S HAWAIIAN® Men's Aloha Shirt Island Feast