They say you shouldn’t play with your food, but if it gets your kids to each lunch – play on. These easy sandwich ideas for kids are the perfect finger food to make any lunchtime special.

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Kids can be picky eaters. While some refuse to eat anything that can’t be dipped in ranch, others turn their head if it looks too boring or plain. The solution to your picky predicament? Easy sandwiches that kids can’t resist. Rather than spending hours trying to find something they’ll eat, turn to quick recipes using KING’S HAWAIIAN ®. From fun finger-foods like “sushi” rolls to sandwiches that come to life with characters, we’ve created a list of popular kids sandwiches that not only taste great, but add a little fun to lunchtime. Learn how to make sandwiches for kids and find a little inspiration to make every bite special.


Cheesy Goodness:

We’ve never met a kid who doesn’t love some mac-n-cheese. So why not put it on a roll? Whip up an easy mac-n-cheese recipe you know they love and pile high on a KING’S HAWAIIAN ® Sweet Roll to create our Mac-n-Cheese Bites. This is a fan favorite among kids and adults and an easy way to fill up and satisfy some hungry kids.


Race to Lunchtime:

Remember when the spoon was an airplane and racecar? That got your kid to eat then and it will now with this Race Car Sandwich. Build a sandwich as usual with cheese, meat and mayo on KING’S HAWAIIAN ® sliced bread and simply cut the sandwich to shape using a small bowl as a guide. Create wheels and windows using veggies like cucumber to start the engines and let your kids have fun with food!


Monster’s Attack:

When they bite into the Monster Sandwich your kid will be the hero at lunchtime. Using KING’S HAWAIIAN ® sliced bread, create a simple ham and cheese sandwich and cut the crusts to create a circle. All you need is some toothpicks and olives to create some googly eyes and you’ve created a monster.


“Sushi Roll” Sandwich:

Have fun with finger food by creating ham and turkey Sushi Rolls. By flattening out a slice of KING’S HAWAIIAN ® bread, you can make sushi, kids’ style. Spread mayo and add slices of your cheese and meats to the center and start rolling. Slice into bite-sized sushi pieces that your kids can eat with ease. Who knew they were so sophisticated.


Learn the ABCs:

GIve your kiddo variety at lunch time by teaching them some ABC’s. Start with an Apple and turkey slider, followed by a Bologna and cheese sammy and ending with a grilled Cheese they’ll love. All stacked high on sweet rolls, you can make a game of it and watch them try new sandwiches, new flavors and new ways of learning.


Popsicles For Lunch:

A classic just got a makeover. These PB&J Popsicle Sandwiches take a sammy you know your kids love, and transform it into a fun-to-eat lunch they can’t resist. Create the PB&J to your kid’s taste, chunky or creamy peanut butter, strawberry or grape jelly, whatever the mood and use a cookie cutter and popsicle stick to make this PB&J special for lunchtime.


Go Bananas:

They monkey around on the furniture, might as well feed them bananas. With Banana Bliss Sandwich is inspired by a traditional PB&J. This time, use some almond butter, sliced banana, coconut and strawberry jelly on some sliced bread to create a blissful treat to fuel your little monkey.