Memorial day is more than a three-day weekend, it’s an opportunity to take a moment with family, enjoy the sunshine and eat good food. The best way to do that is with your favorite KING’S HAWAIIAN® recipes.

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Memorial day is more than a three-day weekend, it’s an opportunity to take a moment with family, enjoy the sunshine and eat good food. The best way to do that is with your favorite KING’S HAWAIIAN® recipes. If you’re doing a backyard potluck gathering you can share the inspiration with guests and family, giving them ideas on what to bring whether it’s a side dish or dinner itself. From appetizers and finger foods to main courses and desserts, we have the perfect Memorial Day recipes to enjoy with the whole family.

Mini Pizza

Easy doesn’t begin to describe these mini pizzas. You can either prepare them beforehand with toppings of your choice – just cheese, pepperoni, veggie – or turn it into an activity for the family. Set up an assembly line of rolls, sauce, cheese and toppings galore so everyone can create their own ideal mini pizzas. Turn food into fun with this recipe.

Cheesy Bread

What’s better than bread and cheese? That ‘s right, melty bread and cheese. Create a cheesy, creamy mixture and spread on slices of round bread for restaurant quality cheesy bread. This will be everyone’s favorite appetizer and is a simple way to ensure your backyard barbecue guests don’t get hangry.

Bacon and Spinach Dip

Think of traditional spinach dip and add bacon. We know, delicious. Now put it in its own bread bowl. We know, genius. Using the insides of the round bread as the dipping tool, this bacon and spinach dip is creamy, savory and the ideal topping for soft, sweet KING’S HAWAIIAN® bread.

Dog Bites

Funny name, delicious flavor. These dog bites are mini hot dogs with a twist and they couldn’t be easier to make. Heat up your hot dogs using your desired method, since it’s for Memorial day, we’re thinking on the grill, and cut the hot dogs in half. Then make a little cavity or hole in a roll to place half a hot dog into, creating its own little “dog house”. This hot dog delivery system makes for an easy appetizer everyone will want to get their paws on.

Pulled Pork Delight

Backyard barbecues call for one thing in particular: BBQ. These pulled pork sandwiches check all the boxes for tried and true BBQ flavor. Molasses? Check. Pork tri tip? Check. Served saucy on a bun? Check and check. While this recipe takes a little more time and patience, the flavor is worth the wait when you have family fighting for seconds.

Southern Picnic Mini Sandwich

The season of sunshine and picnics needs picnic sammys. These southern picnic mini subs are easy to prep early and pack away whether you’re going to the park or the beach this Memorial weekend. No need to make your own breaded and fried tenders, pre-made is the way to go. Grab some Tyson tenders, pickles and pack into some mini sub rolls. Wrap up and stick them in the basket for on-the-go lunch that’s as easy to eat as it is to make.

BBQ Chicken

You can never go wrong with BBQ chicken during Memorial weekend. Use everyone's favorite cuts of chicken from thighs and wings to legs and breasts and grill up using KING’S HAWAIIAN® Original Sweet Pineapple BBQ Sauce for a simple and savory main course.

Classic Backyard burger

The true American classic, a cheeseburger. What’s a better way to spend Memorial day than with a burger in one hand and a lemonade in the other? A burger on a KING’S HAWAIIAN® hamburger bun. Create a station fit with grilled patties, buns and all the fixins so everyone can make a burger, grab some of Grandma’s famous potato salad and get their grub on.

Strawberry Shortcake Toss

No better cake than a short cake. This strawberry shortcake uses a loaf of round sweet bread cut up into cubes, mixed with butter and coated in cinnamon sugar. But we didn’t stop there. Bake the cubes until golden brown and toss with strawberries and top with whipped cream. In the spirit of Memorial day you can add fresh blueberries to the mix to make it a Red, White and Blue shortcake.


Family festivities go well into the night so keep the grill on to make some S’mores. But these aren’t just any s’more on a graham cracker, these are KING’S HAWAIIAN® s’mores using our sweet rolls. Pull apart and stuff with your choice of chocolate and marshmallows (the mini ones melt to perfection) and wrap in some foil. Place on the still hot grill until melted together for handheld and still messy s’more perfection.