Add variety to your french toast adventures. Whether you experiment with tropical toppings or explore the world of french toast sticks, there is a perfect french toast recipe waiting for you.

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Between the breakfast big three: pancakes, waffles, french toast, we’re french toast people – hands down. Some might say, we’ve become experts. Through countless experiments, we’ve developed french toast recipes for every craving and mood to spice up our morning favorite. From classics for the perfect french toast to creative tropical toppings, there’s a recipe for you. Making cinnamon french toast from scratch requires time we don’t have. But with KING’S HAWAIIAN ® , you have the perfect vehicle for your french toast adventures.


Dessert for Breakfast:

French toast is a prime excuse to have dessert for breakfast. This Coconut S’mores French toast satisfies that a.m. sweet tooth and then some. Topped with a home-made marshmallow meringue, torched to golden-brown perfection and fully loaded with dark chocolate shavings and a coconut glaze, you’ll think you were camping in french toast paradise.  


Head to The Tropics:

We all need a tropical getaway sometimes. Why can’t it come with your morning coffee? This Tropical French Toast Sandwich brings out the flavors and textures of that dream vacation. With an island touch of banana, mango pineapple and coconut between two slices of KING’S HAWAIIAN ® topped with sweet, coconutty syrup, this sandwich takes you on a trip.


Pay Homage to the King:

Besides his additions to rock n’ roll, film and popular culture, Elvis made one huge contribution to the culinary world. He popularized one of the greatest food combos, banana and peanut butter. This Elvis French Toast brings his favorite flavors to life, turning classic french toast on its head with peanut butter topping, sliced bananas and a pinch of salty for that savory sweet combo.


The Ultimate Finger Food:

They say you shouldn’t play with your food. We don’t know who “they” are but they clearly have never eaten french toast sticks. Using some KING’s HAWAIIAN ® Hot Dog Buns, you can create this easy french toast recipe that you can eat with your hands. Simply fry, dip, and enjoy.


Stick with the Classics:

Classics are classic for a reason. Our KING’S HAWAIIAN ® Famous French Toast hits the spot. Fluffy texture, warm maple syrup topping, KING’S HAWAIIAN ® Round bread, a touch of vanilla, this makes for the perfect french toast. Plus, it’s easy to make.


Chocolate Lover’s Dream:

French toast comes in many shapes and sizes. From slices to sticks, casseroles to cups, but what about taking french toast to the dark side? Opt for chocolate milk instead of regular and add a dash of cocoa to create this Double Chocolate French toast. As a chocolate lover's dream, this recipe changes the game of traditional french toast.


Make it Savory:

French toast creativity knows no bounds. That’s why we’re always open to some savory/sweet concoctions like this Mauna Kea Sunrise French Toast. Using a slice of french toast as the home for a fried egg in the middle and some salty, sauteed ham on top, this recipe hits all the marks for a balanced french toast breakfast.